Solar silicon project

Pilot plan project for production of SoG Silicon in metallurgical way.


Innovative eco-efficient processing and refining routes for secondary raw materials from silicon ingot 

Shyti Consultion participate in briquetting and carbothermic process for SoG silicon production 

New start up in Iran - KGT Silicon metal 

Shyti Consulting conduct Start Up of KGT Silicon Metal Plant in Shiraz -Iran

high pure silicon metal production using briquettes

From briquette to high pure silicon 

It is possible to product silicon metal with alternative raw materials: briquettes and quartz sand ?? 

Ned Silicon process 

Innovative way to product high pure silicon metal for PV pannels. 

briquetting process of powder : silica and carbon

Briquetting of raw material in powder or sand form is very important for carbothermic process.